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March 14, 2011

Innovation is the key to our recent product releases.



Launch of RVMS

March 14th, 2013

RVMS has been designed to handle all forms of Video and Audio media streams. This exciting innovative technology is already being used by Police Enforcment agencies in the UK and the USA. The solution is being used for monitoring Police interviews and surveillance activities using video cameras, existing recording equipment and body worn video equipment.

demoThe site is hosted by the latest Azure Cloud server and allows high speed interaction when examining our newest and innovative solutions.



March 14, 2011

The company has released a suite of new products that will revolutionize the way organistaions operate. Support for Law Enforcement and Media Video Mining are the key areas where the new products are focussed.



About Us

In the Beginning:

The company provides solutions for media concentric applications. It consists of highly skilled software engineers who understand the requirements of its customers.

We offer a range of solutions that will provide technologies that will change the way that you organization can utilize often complex and hard to use products.


Where we're going:

We intend to produce solutions that encompass the expanding world of media technologies. This exciting world impacts everybody around us.

Our world is packed with media capture devices from the streets and shops to the world of the world wide web.

Desemination of this huge resource is required to manage this effectively. The team at RODI Technologies have accepted this challenge and will over the coming months be building cost effective solutions that will deliver on this promise.

Areas of Focus


Video Mining


Audio Mining


Interview Recording


Covert Surveillance


Speech Recognition