March 14, 2011

Innovation is the key to our recent product releases.




Launch of new web site

March 11th, 2018

We welcome you to our new exciting web site. The new site utilises the latest technologies in dynamic web site design. It demostratates the ultimate in portal utilisation. This site allows it's visitors to enjoy a tour of the RODI world of media technologeis.

demoThe site is hosted by the latest Azure Cloud server and alllows high speed interaction when examining our newest and innovative solutions.



March 14, 2018

The company has released a suite of new products that will revolutionize the way organistaions operate. Support for Law Enforcement and Media Video Mining are the key areas where the new products are focussed.



Product Catalog

RODI is a collection of technologies that captures and processes audio or video media input whether from a recording device or streamed directly from the web or other capture sources.

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product image AVMS Video Mining


The ability to use text keywords and phrases to automatically search video files is now within reach for organizations of any size. RODI AVMS Video Mining eliminates the time and cost associated with manually indexing rich media, enables the indexing of 100% of the speech information within video files.


By using an advanced speaker-independent dictation engine, RODI AVMS creates a database of indexed data for every word spoken within a video /audio file. The index data includes word, time stamp, confidence levels and metadata associated with the speech information, and can be created from broadcast and any quality sources.

Multiple Formats

AVMS technology makes it possible to retrieve specific information from hours of recorded or live video footage, radio and television broadcasts, telephone conversations, call center dialogs, help desk recordings, interviews and many other areas.



AVMS technology combines speech recognition, language processing, and intelligent indexing and search algorithms to transcribe the content of video or audio broadcasts into computerized editable text information.

product image Law Enforcement


Intelligence led gathering, law enforcement and security operations. Security personnel can obtain critical information from hours of recorded phone calls or radio transmissions much more rapidly than before. The technology also allows the indexing and searching of live broadcasts in order to monitor breaking events.


Policing social order
Public incident mediation
Pre-empting anti social behaviour
Dangerous event public logistics
Public safety
General search and rescue
Crowd control
Law Compliance
Services and facilities
Disaster victim identification
Education and awareness campaigns
Victim prevention and avoidance

product image Healthcare


The increasing pressure on Health Care Organizations (HCOs) to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness, balance the quality of care, and contain costs will drive them towards more effective management of medical knowledge derived from biomedical research.

Knowledge management technology may provide effective methods and tools in speeding up the diffusion of innovative medical procedures. Reviews of the effectiveness of various methods of best practice dissemination show that the greatest impact is achieved when such knowledge is made accessible through the health information system at the moment it is required by care providers at their work sites.

Thus, the great challenge for medical informatics is represented by the effective exploitation of the astonishing capabilities of new technologies to assure the conditions of knowledge management and organizational learning within HCOs.

product image Legal


The dramatic expansion of digital media has resulted in a paradign shift in the way audio /video is now utilized. Historically legal companies have relied on transcription methods for producing letters and reports. However, full transcription can be expensive. It is far simpler to use technology to resolve these issues which can operate 24/7 unlike human operators.

Case Notes

Using RODI query technology and industry standard database indexing allows users to concatenate information to and from the repository created from the media files.

Rapid Response

Search results are returned in seconds with a list of "hits"

High Accuracy

Exceptional recognition rates achievable

product image Broadcasting

Call Centers

A stockbroker or call center operator can gain access to specific recorded conversations to verify transaction information. Marketing executives can access customer requests and feedback from a company database to fine-tune marketing campaigns.

Broadcast Media

A news editor at a TV or radio station can search archives of recorded broadcasts to retrieve information relevant to breaking news almost immediately. The technology can also be used to index live broadcasts.


Public relations departments. Communications and PR managers can index and search both live video feeds and archived broadcasts to track how their company or a competitor is being covered in the news.

Conference Managers

A conference management organization can use audio mining to create an index of key topics to help in preparing tapes of sessions. Such an index would allow material on CD-ROM to be directly accessible.

product image Homeland Security

Terrorists Threats

Protecting people from terrorist threats is the founding purpose of the Homeland Security Department and it's highest priority. The Department's efforts to battle terrorism, include detecting explosives in public spaces and transportation networks, helping protect critical infrastructure and cyber networks from attack, detecting agents of biological warfare, and building information-sharing partnerships with state and local law enforcement that can enable law enforcement to mitigate threats.

Document Linking

Document and benefit fraud pose a severe threat to national security and public safety because they create a vulnerability that may enable terrorists, criminals and illegal aliens to gain entry to and remain in any country. One of the ways Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) addresses the infrastructure of illegal immigration is by detecting and deterring fraud before it erodes the integrity of the immigration process. By indexing documents with audio or video conversations data can be analyzed and collated more effectivley.